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If your steam engine is not running up to it's full potential, it may be because of friction between the flywheel shaft and it's bearing support arms. 
By simply adding these bearings, your engine can be running at top speed again.

I always wanted a steam engine, and after buying a used engine on ebay, I found that it was just not running as good as it should.  The engine ran very sluggish, and the flywheel shaft often made squeaking sounds.  After all, the metal shaft is turning inside metal support arms.  After installing a set of these plastic bearings, my engine was running "smoothly" again.

Included in this kit are:
(2) - Oil free, self lubricating, plastic bearings

Installing your new oil-free, self-lubricating FlyWheel Shaft plastic bearings is a simple process.  A flat blade screwdriver, electric drill, and a 15/64" drill bit (commonly available at hardware stores) are typically the only tools needed to install these bearings.   

Verify that your flywheel shaft is 0.1875 inches (3/16) in diameter, or very close to this.  This is a common shaft size for toy steam engines, but please verify this before purchasing.  You may want to verify that the bearing support arms are less than 0.075" thick also (which is typical). 
If so, then these bearings should work for you!

Before and after pictures of a Jensen Model # 76 Steam Engine below.

Special Notes: It is likely that this kit also works on many other steam engine models.  This kit has been tested on a Jensen Model # 76  Steam Engine.  A list of other compatible models will be compiled in the future.    Installation requires modifications to the bearing support arms of your steam engine.   Some mechanical ability is required to install this kit.  The seller is not responsible for damage caused by improper installation of this kit.

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