Honda Trail CT70 Motorcycle Engine Socket Head Cap Screw Kit


Honda Trail 70 Socket Head Cap Screw Kit

Included in this kit is a quantity of (22) 18-8 Stainless Steel socket head cap screws (superior quality over Nickel Plated Brass screws) along with a detailed diagram showing the location of each screw to aid in the installation.

Many of these kits have been sold with many happy customers!

Replace those stripped out Phillips pan head screws on your engine. This kit includes enough Stainless Steel Socket Head (Allen Head) Cap Screws to replace the left and right crankcase cover screws, the carburetor screws, as well as a few of the screws on the cylinder head. Screws shown in the diagram are included, as well as a chart and diagram so you know which lengths go where.

The following Honda Trail 70 models have been verified that this kit applies to. These must be Honda Trail 70s.

CT70 from 1970
CT70 K1 and K2 (years unknown)
CT70 K3 and K4 from 1976 to 1979
CT70 1980 to 1982
(some of these models may have used flange bolts, and some carburetors vary and may not use the carburetor screws supplied in this kit.)
CT70 from 1971 to 1975

I did not have the data to verify these models, however, the 1970 models matched the 1976 models very close. It is likely that the K1 and K2 models (which this kit works with) are from this time frame, but this has not been verified. If you have purchased this kit and used it successfully on any of those models, please feed that information back to me.

I have two CT70s that my kids enjoy riding. Nothing was more frustrating than trying to work on them and have my phillips screw driver rotate in the screw heads. I have installed these on mine, and will never have that problem again. These also make the engine look very nice as well, instead of having old stripped out screws.

This kit will save you the time of trying to find all of the different lengths and sizes screws at your local hardware store which does not stock some of the sizes of screws required. And by the time you have paid for each screw individually will be very costly compared to this kit. You won’t be disappointed in upgrading to Stainless Steel screws, and being able to use your Allen Head wrenches from now on.

Special notes: Screw lengths and sizes were derived from the exploded parts diagrams of several models of Honda 70s. This kit is based from the Honda CT70 Trail Bikes, from feedback from customers who have purchased this kit and fed back verification to me from their specific models, and from usage on my own Honda CT70s. It is likely that this kit also works on other models than what is listed, but I cannot guarantee that. During installation, verify screws from the replacement kit match the length of screws removed from your engine. Some models vary, and some of the screws in this kit may need to be cut shorter to match your model. I would suggest a dremel tool and cutoff blade to do this if necessary. Some mechanical ability is required to install this kit, and proper manufacturers torque specifications must be followed.

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Honda Trail CT70 Motorcycle Engine Socket Head Cap Screw Kit

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