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Primarily for the older Nishijin models, but likely to be helpful for other models as well.  It has information about your pachinko machine for those of you who want to know more about how your machine works electrically, as well as mechanically.  It contains procedures and diagrams that you will not find in the few pages that originally came with pachinko machines. 

This Pachinko Quick Reference Guide has sections on the following;

- Description of Pachinko with detailed views of the front and back of a Pachinko machine;
- Listings of the individual components and the purposes of each;
- Operating Instructions to help you get going in setting up, and playing your pachinko machine;
- Troubleshooting section which indicates items to check for common problems;
- Diagram of ball flow throughout your machine;
- Electrical Schematic of the power, lights, and switches.

Special Notes: This manual has been created from information pertaining to a Nishijin Manual Pachinko Machine from the early 1970s. Models may vary and some information within may not directly pertain to your model of Pachinko Machine. This manual is Copyright 2010 by Gerber Designs and has evolved from working on pachinko machines, and answering e-mails from folks like you with questions on how to solve problems with their pachinko machines. 

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