Pachinko Machine Cabinet Plans

This set of plans is for building your own cabinet to mount your Pachinko Machine onto.  If you have purchased a Pachinko Machine recently, it is likely that the rear of the machine is unprotected.  With these Computer Designed Plans, you will be able to build, or have built, a nice cabinet that is hinged to allow easy access to the rear of your Pachinko machine for maintenance, or ball loading, as well as provide a secure and appealing mounting solution for your machine. The cabinet plans in this package are based from a 1970s vintage Nishijin Mechanical Pachinko Machine. While designed around these models, these plans will help you to build a cabinet for any machine that is approx. 20 3/4 inches wide, by 32 1/4 inches tall, and no deeper than 2 1/2 inches. However, with little effort, you may vary from the plans to build almost any size cabinet.


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