Bally Pinball MPU Component Replacement Kit



Kit includes a magnified diagram (not shown) of the component area of the MPU board, allowing you to remove all of the bad components at once, clean the affected area, and replace the components in their correct locations.

This is a Bally/Stern Pinball MPU Board Component Replacement Kit. This kit is good for MPU boards found in many of the Bally Pinball machines made from 1977 to 1985, as well as many Stern Pinball machines from 1977 to 1979. The components in this kit are NEW replacements for the parts on the MPU boards that are mostly affected by leakage from an old Nicad battery on the Bally -17 and -35 MPU boards, and the Stern MPU 100 boards. (Be assured, these parts are NEW from credible suppliers, they are NOT old stock, out of date, or closeout liquidated parts.) Look at your board. If you see any corrosion on your MPU board in the area outlined in red in the picture, or the solder joints just aren’t bright and shiny any more, this kit's for you (Oh, and remove that battery immediately!!). Get rid of those green legged parts and replace them, as with this kit, you get fresh new parts to make that MPU run like new again. Also, a repair video will be available soon with instructions on how to repair your board by yourself. To some people, the toughest job is gathering the parts to repair their machines.

With this kit, the individual parts shopping from multiple suppliers has been done for you. The parts included in this kit are exact replacements (or equivalent) to the original parts on your MPU board.

You get these components from the Bally 2518-35 MPU parts list: C1, C5, C3, C13, C80, CR5, CR7, CR8, CR44, U8 (socket only), Q1, Q2, Q5, R1, R3, R11, R12, R16, R17, R28, R29, R107, R112, R134, R140, and VR1. These are the components outlined in red in the picture.

This kit should work on MPU boards found in the following Bally and Stern pinball machines:

BALLY Games: -- Freedom, 1/77; -- Night Rider, 2/77; -- Evil Knievel, 6/77; -- Eight Ball, 9/77; -- Power Play, 1/78; -- Mati Hari, 4/78; -- Strikes and Spares, 6/78; -- Black Jack, 6/78; -- Lost World, 8/78; -- Six Million Dollar Man, 10/78; -- Playboy, 12/78; -- Voltan, 2/79; -- Supersonic, 3/79; -- Star Trek, 4/79; -- Paragon, 6/79; -- Harlem Globetrotters, 9/79; -- Dolly Parton, 11/79;- Kiss, 6/79; -- Future Spa, 12/79; -- Space Invaders, 4/80; -- Nitro Groundshaker, 1/80; -- Silverball Mania, 2/80; -- Rolling Stones, 5/80; -- Mystic, 6/80; -- Hotdoggin', 7/80; -- Viking, 7/80; -- Skateball, 2/78; -- Frontier, 11/80; -- Xenon, 11/80; -- Flash Gorden, 2/81; -- Eight Ball Deluxe, 4/81; -- Fireball II, 6/81; -- Embryon, 6/81; -- Fathom, 8/81; -- Medusa, 9/81; -- Centaur, 10/81; -- Electra, 12/81; -- Vector, 2/82; -- Spectrum, 6/82; -- Speakeasy, 8/82; -- Rapid Fire, 4/82; -- Granny and the Gators, 1/82; -- Mr & Mrs Pacman, 4/82; -- Baby Pacman 4/82; -- Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition, 10/82; -- BMX 1/83; -- Centaur II, 5/83; -- Goldball, 6/83; -- Grand Slam, 8/83; -- X's & O's, 2/84;-- Kings of Steel, 3/84; -- Black Pyramid, 7/84; -- Spy Hunter, 10/84; -- Eight Ball Deluxe Classic, 11/84; -- Fireball Classic, 12/84; -- Cybernaut, 5/85;

STERN Games: -- Pinball, 7/77; -- Stingray, 3/77; -- Stars, 3/78; -- Memory Lane, 6/78;-- Lectronomo, 8/78;-- Wildfyre, 10/78;-- Nugent, 11/78;-- Dracula, 1/79; -- Trident, 3/79;-- Hot Hand, 6/79; -- Magic, 8/79;

A quote from a happy customer, listed by permission:
"Just a quick note to let you know your repair kit arrived in today's mail. I started the repairs after we returned from dinner. It Took a little over 4hrs (I had lots of acid damage to the board) Installed the repaired board and my Flash Gordon works like new. Thank you for providing this excellent repair kit - one real happy buyer - Dave T., Show Low, AZ"

Special notes: Some knowledge of electronics and soldering skills are necessary for installation of these components.

Item # GDKIT-1

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Shipping (Other International): $19.99 (plus $4.99 for each additional quantity)


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